Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

Giving credit where credit is due can be something a lot of us (self-identifying females) put to the waist side or delay doing. We might not realize the benefits in giving others credit within our professional lives and within our businesses. 

Shouting out of others in our field is not always the easiest, it can be time consuming. Time consuming to figure out what to say on a video testimonial, to tag someone incredible on your post and tell your audience how incredible they are…yet super worth it!

Sometimes shouting out mentors can make us feel ‘less than’ because it is admitting we had help on our journey and also means we needed help.

However, something to keep in mind is every great leader and business person has mentors, advisors, and usually a team…

This pertains especially to self-identifying females – often we are busy criticizing ourselves and others, then because of this we feel we cannot give them credit. We feel we cannot give them credit because we are too busy finding faults. Then turning around and giving credit to those we think ‘deserve’ it, such as big players in our industry that actually did not do much for us. Also, it might feel easier to give credit where everyone is seemingly giving credit. 

For example, there is a big name in our industry and when we shout them out, all their followers see their name on our posts. They may or may not share our post, or even see it. They may or may not care, and that might not be where the credit is due. Name dropping is similar, we need to make sure the name we are dropping actually cares about our business, is truly there to support us, and does actually deserve the credit we are placing on them. 

Sometimes we rely completely on a mentor, coach, or agency to give us results in their work yet we ourselves are not putting in the hours and strategies they recommend to get those results. 

This can lead to us finding faults with them or their strategies when it is in fact our lack of follow through. As a coach myself, I need to make sure my amazing clients are also people who follow through for themselves and those in their life. Instead of finding faults it is more advisable to realize there is no perfect mentor, coach, or agency, and most likely they are fulfilling their contract with you. Then give them a testimonial when time comes for celebrating the amazing strategies they gave you and your business. 

Women Admitting They Needed Support And Help

Often we cannot admit we need or ask for guidance or help in our business because we are scared of others finding out we do not know all the answers. We might think to ourselves, ‘oh no, if my clients see I have a mentor will they think less of me, or I’m less of a mentor?’ 

The opposite of this is true. The truth is the best mentors, also have mentors! They might have a team of mentors. I have a spiritual mentor and business mentors, and am always assessing if I need more mentors on the team. 

Truly great leaders realize they always have more to learn, they know they have a lot of knowledge, yet know for sure they can always up-level this knowledge. They know they can always be more efficient, more productive, more successful, there is an intense hunger for more impact and more influence. When there is more impact this means more people’s lives are touched and impacted for their benefit too, to give them more freedom ultimately.

Other times we feel we are not ‘good’ on camera or have the right computer microphone to do the video testimonial. We feel it will take too much time to think of what to say and we will not say it right and have to do a lot of retakes…then we stall on getting that video testimonial to the person we promised it to. We might just not answer rather than give them credit.

While I understand all of the above reasons to not give others credit, I still feel and think there are ways to let go of them in order to improve the life of others and your own life and business…I will be urging and guiding all of us to take a deeper look because of how giving others credit can greatly aid our businesses in excelling and set the tone for more greatness.

There are some insecurities when it comes to shouting positive praises about others from the rooftops.

Setting The New Normal In Women Supporting Women 

I have personally worked in jobs where it was mostly women and also where I was the only woman in the whole company in my area. 

I want to address some misconceptions and truths about supporting other women in your field, or in a similar field, or in general.

Misconception: If you shout out a woman in your field this might take away from the amount of clients are available to you. Hence you think they are your competition therefore even if they deserve to be shouted out, you don’t do it with fear that this will ‘take away’ from your own abundance. 

Truth: There are enough clients for everyone, and they are everywhere. Everywhere! Coming back to an abundance mindset will shift this fear, into a full knowing, that yes, there is enough for everyone. There is enough for everyone at the top. Rising together to the top is way more fun than solo. 

Misconception: If I don’t celebrate someone’s achievements or how they helped me, someone else will celebrate them. If I don’t take the time to celebrate them, they will be fine because the celebration will come from somewhere else. Or they don’t need me to shout them out or celebrate them because it looks like they are fine.

Truth: We never know what another entrepreneur or person is going through. We might see one side of them on social media and never understand what they are battling behind closed doors. More times over than I can describe I have had clients and female business owners confide in me in what is going on with them that they are overcoming. We all have our areas of growth, and we all are most likely having battles no one knows about. 

They might be in an unhealthy relationship and just filed for divorce, and your shout out gives them hope for their future. They might be struggling to have good boundaries and not charging enough in their business, and you shouting them out allows them to have new clients to which they start charging more with. They might be really aiming to increase their self-confidence and your post about them aides and guides them in doing just that. Hence, we just don’t know, ever, how we can improve someone’s life by seeing them, recognizing their gifts, shouting them out, and celebrating their successes.

Misconception: If someone is allowed to promote themselves in your Facebook Group, or online community then this will take away clients for the leaders of the group. 

Truth: A person in your community promoting themselves does not take away from your genius or expertise. It is advisable to have one day where everyone in your groups can promote themselves on a designated post. Such as Promo Thursday’s in the Empire Life Facebook Group, here

Letting Go Of Comparison

Also, no woman, or anyone is truly your competition, your greatest competition is the person you are everyday, the person you were yesterday, and how you decide to improve this person everyday. 

Shouting other women actually spreads positivity, inclusiveness, rising together, and sets the tone for other women to rise to this abundance mindset too!


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