Why Every Founder And Entrepreneur Needs To Publish A Book 

We are going to go over why becoming a published author is great for your business and personal life. Also, if you already are a published author on how to market your book, we will dive into this a little bit today, and fully in next week’s blog. If you are wanting to publish a book please keep reading to learn how to plan your marketing strategy. If you want to be featured in the upcoming collaborative book REDEFINE, Series 2, are a female founder, with an incredible story to share with millions to inspire them, apply here. The first REDEFINE book, Series 1, is a best-seller! All of the authors are best-selling authors, check out more about this book here, to grab it and read more, here.

Portrays You As The Expert In Your Field

1 You Are The Expert In Your Field

When we publish a great book, we are portraying ourselves, and being the experts in our fields.  Publishing a book is the secret that many business owners use to elevate their authority status and hyper-grow their business to get new customers rolling through their doors, day after day. To reiterate, publishing a book can be the advantage that propels your business to heights it’s never seen before.

Becoming a published author shows you are an expert in your field.

If you join a collaborative book project this will pull all the resources together from every author’s network to promote and discuss the new book. Hence making it more likely to become a best-seller/ best-selling author. 

We all became best-selling authors in the latest Empire Life Book, REDEFINE, Series 1, here.

Our collaborative book projects are unique in the way because we are a marketing and tech company and do all the marketing, events, Facebook Group, Promo Weeks, and more for our authors, along with them becoming published authors…they are also featured in our Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Live Events, Podcast, Blog…which reaches over 200,000 and increasing everyday people! 

The intention of why we are publishing books is to showcase female founders immensely powerful stories, and businesses. Amplifying their voices, missions, and businesses, with Empire Life’s platforms and more. Check out our live event here about the authors and on the Book Release Day video here.

Also, our latest video testimonial here, about being in the book! 

Writing Is Also A Healing Process

2 Writing Is Healing

As we write our stories we also are processing all the events again and this is usually healing in our journey. A lot of the authors in the first Empire Life book mentioned to me how it was vulnerable to publish their stories and as they wrote them they were reliving them. While they were reliving their stories this gave them an opportunity to work through everything that happened at the same time. This process was healing for them.

3 Your Book Can Generate Media Interest

A great book, and marketing campaign can generate a lot of media buzz and interest. The ladies in the first book gained a lot of media interest, from Series 1, gave the best-selling authors a lot of media benefits. Some of the authors were featured on the news, interviewed in podcasts, featured in blogs and more.

Stay tuned for learning how to market your book in next week’s blog.

One of the examples to use your book in your marketing is to give your book away in a free ebook to subscribers, or have a giveaway every month of your book. One more way for now to give your book in your marketing for your community, is to have your book in a bonus area of a program or online course. We will give many more marketing tools for promoting your book in next week’s blog. 

If you have picked up my best-selling book REDEFINE, here, you already know that taking my finances seriously was a process for me, and you can connect more with my why there! My chapter is all about money mindset, and I highly recommend it. Money can work for us, yet we need to know how it can work for us while in business. 

If you would like more help with this, we guide our clients in Empire Life on how to turn your expertise and know-how into a profitable membership, all while being guided by a female-owned business, where we are also advocates for women! We are the #1 go-to team when it comes to membership sites, facebook ads, and guidance on scaling your business, definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn from Empire Life!

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Empire Life.


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    Becoming a published author shows you are an expert in your field.

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