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We are going to go over why becoming a published author is great for your business and life. Also, if you already are a published author, how to market your book is what this blog is all about today. If you are wanting to publish a book please keep reading to learn how to plan your marketing strategy for your upcoming book to be a success. If you want to be featured in the upcoming book REDEFINE, Series 2, are a female founder, with an incredible story to share with millions to inspire them, apply here.

Giveaway Your Book On Your Sales Funnel For Subscribers

1 Giveaway Your Book On Your Sales Funnel

When subscribers opt-in to your sales funnel to receive a PDF copy of your book to their email. Then they get into the email marketing sales funnel you have built for them to receive more information about you. In this email marketing sequence your prospective clients can receive more information about you to become a more warm audience. A warmer audience for buying products and services from you later on, they have more of a know, like, and trust factor with you and your company.

Offer Your Book Inside Bonuses For A Challenge, An Online Course, Or Program

2 Give Your Book As An Extra, A Bonus For Your Clients And/Or Students

One of my clients is also a best-selling author and was asking me recently which bonuses she could possibly include into her upcoming online courses. I remembered she is a best-selling author. I asked her if she had a pdf version of her book and she said yes. This is a perfect bonus to add into your online courses, a challenge event, an online event, an online summit, and to give to your loyal amazing community and students for selecting you to guide them in your expertise. 

3 Plan A Free Pre-Sales Event For Selected Members Of Your Community

This is an event for selected members of your community to be able to buy your book first, and know about it before anyone else, before it is fully public. Also, ask these selected members to please leave a review. In exchange for their support, you might be able to offer them a spot on your podcast, or future collaborative ideas.

When you are ready to have your book launch day, when people go to buy your book, they will see the reviews as well.

4 Plan A Book Launch Event Day, Online Event

Leading up to this book launch day have a lot of social media posts letting your community know when the book launch day will be. Before the book launch day, have a sample PDF file people can gather from you on your book’s website. If you need more guidance on what to say or put on your book’s website, make sure to reach out to our team here for this guidance. Once they have been added to your email list, this will be a great list to email a sequence leading up to promoting your book launch day event for them to buy your book and be involved in the event. If you are desiring to become a best-selling author, and on Amazon, this is the best way to accomplish this because it is about the volume of purchases in 24-hours that make an author a best-seller. 

The cool amazing thing about being involved in a REDEFINE Series book is we, the Empire Life Team, do all of the above for you in the process of becoming a published author, or second time or third time published author…check out more information about this here.

If you have picked up my best-selling book REDEFINE, here, you already know that taking my finances seriously was a process for me, and you can connect more with my why there! My chapter is all about money mindset, and I highly recommend it. Money can work for us, yet we need to know how it can work for us while in business. 

If you would like more help with this, we guide our clients in Empire Life on how to turn your expertise and know-how into a profitable membership, all while being guided by a female-owned business, where we are also advocates for women! We are the #1 go-to team when it comes to membership sites, facebook ads, and guidance on scaling your business, definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn from Empire Life!

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    “Giveaway Your Book On Your Sales Funnel.”

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