What To Do When You Want To Quit Entrepreneurship

When I started Empire Life, in 2016, I had launched and scaled two companies with another founder. I had some idea of what I was doing, yet felt this time I am working completely remote, and having a large fully remote team as well. This month, in June 2021, I have had a UTI, a poisonous spider bite, on-going intense sinus pain and pressure, and in this process of recovering from these almost fully lost my will to continue on with my business. Processing these gave me a newfound appreciation for my health, drive, motivation, family, support circle and leaning into accepting support fully. Also, I am leaning into giving ample white space for healing during the day, self-care, great boundaries, and reflection time. I absolutely love my clients and students, and make ample time for them to feel supported too. As I lean into fully supporting myself and allowing support to funnel in, this allows for more time to show up for my clients and students too.

How to survive and thrive through desiring to just quit all together! 

1 Not Asking For Help, Not Allowing Support To Funnel In, Waiting To Invest, And Not Admitting You Need Support.


This manifests in → Saying, “It’s okay I’m fine…” when someone clearly offers and wants to give support. 

This manifests in → Putting our needs last and serving our circle first.

This manifests in → Not asking for support, not asking for what we want.

My Two First Companies 

In my first two companies I and the other co-founders were not the best at asking for support. I learned from these experiences in seeking to do something revolutionary in Empire Life. When starting Empire Life, I THOUGHT TO MYSELF – ‘This time I will have mentorship and help from the beginning!’ 

I highly recommend asking for references from everyone you know for a great mentor or coach and then having a call with them to see if it is a good fit for you.

Within 6 months of starting my company I’d have three mentors!

I asked every leader of technology and business meetup groups who they knew who had started something similar to Empire Life, and if they could give me an introduction to them. Through this way I found two mentors. Sadly, there were no females that anyone knew who had started something similar to Empire Life. I was fully focused on having a female mentor. 

Once I was unable to find a female mentor or coach, at that time, I then became bound and determined to be the exact female founder mentor or coach for other female founders! The one that I was continuously seeking for myself at different points of my company! 

One of those two mentors was a good fit. He had been a senior full stack software developer prior to starting his own business, like me. The main difference he and I had, which after one year made me seek out another mentor, was that he did not want to scale his company. 

He was fully content with himself being the main person who did all the fulfillment for his client projects. He did not really desire to grow a team, or take on more projects than he was able to handle completely solo. From the beginning of Empire Life, I had (and have) huge lofty seemingly unattainable goals (although they are always totally attainable), team goals, remote work, many projects and mentorship for my clients, and tons of continuous growth and expansion. At the beginning of Empire Life he was the best mentor I could have asked for. As many questions came up everyday, he was there to guide me. 

We met at a coffee shop a few times, and then moving forward for almost one year I will be able to slack him (direct message)about questions that were coming up. 

In one of those coffee shop sessions, I was having a slight freak out, with wavering confidence, moment, wondering in my head, ‘Is this crazy, having my own company? Is this too much for me to take on…?’ 

I did not directly ask him this, yet he was feeling my overwhelm coming to the surface. I think he picked up on my frenzy with how many questions I was asking him, and quickly. 

He pulled down his glasses and lowered his head a bit and said, “Allison, you do know you are one of the most intelligent and driven people I’ve ever met. You do know you got this, right?  I mean, all of this! Lots of things will always come up when in business, yet you do know you will always figure out anything that comes up.” 

I took a deep breath, tears in my eyes, and answered, “I really appreciate you sharing this with me. Some days I feel as if I’m drowning in everything that needs to be done for the business, and totally overwhelmed. You seem calm, and in control of everything, how do you do it?” 

He said, “You will be calm eventually too, you will understand everything, don’t worry. Be patient with yourself.”

I always remember his words, from these moments, when I feel overwhelmed.

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2 Thinking You Have To Do It Perfectly

Perfectionism keeps many dreams hidden forever, or it often delays an amazing dream from becoming a reality. It keeps us sitting on dreams for decades. Often we need to get something out there, and test it, take market research, and hire a team to support you. 

3 Forget Our Why

We must continuously connect with our why on a daily basis. My why is to be here for women to rise up, together, support them in scaling their businesses, to create more abundance for them, freedom, and loving their redefinition of their success as they scale their business. 

If you have picked up my best-selling book REDEFINE, here, you already know that taking my finances seriously was a process for me, and you can connect more with my why there! My chapter is all about money mindset, and I highly recommend it. Money can work for us, yet we need to know how it can work for us while in business. 

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Empire Life. 


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    “Perfectionism keeps many dreams hidden forever.”

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