Trust Your Inner-self: How Intuition Improves Health and Happiness

Have you heard about the story of the female founder who was on the verge of signing a major contract that simply didn’t feel right? The numbers added up, the potential gains were huge, but something deep down made her uneasy. Against the advice of her board, she hesitated. Days later, news broke that the company was embroiled in a scandal, and the lucrative deal would have tainted her own business by association.

This isn’t just a lucky anecdote. As a female founder, you face extraordinary pressures – the drive to succeed, the need for a healthy work-life balance, and the constant battle against self-doubt and burnout. Within you lies a powerful, often overlooked tool to navigate these challenges: your intuition.

 Intuition, or your “gut feeling”, is far more than a hunch. It’s your subconscious mind rapidly processing information and experiences to offer insights that your logical brain may miss.  Research shows that honing this ability can dramatically improve decision-making, reduce stress, and pave the way for greater success and happiness. 

Unfortunately, many of us dismiss our intuition. We’re taught to rely on data alone, or we fear being labeled ’emotional’ if we act on a gut feeling.  

However, what if trusting your intuition is the key to achieving the fulfillment and business growth you strive for?


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What is Intuition?  

Many have the misconception that intuition is some mystical power or a whispered message from the universe. While it can certainly feel that way, there’s compelling science behind those inexplicable “gut feelings”.  

Let’s break down what intuition actually is and why debunking the myths around it matters for every savvy female founder

Intuition: It’s All in Your Head (In the Best Way)

 At its core, intuition is a form of rapid, subconscious pattern recognition. Imagine your brain as an expert librarian, constantly sorting and cataloging information. This includes everything from past business decisions and their outcomes to subtle cues you pick up during negotiations.

 When you face a new situation, this vast library gets scanned in a flash. Your subconscious picks up on similarities, potential red flags, or simply something that resonates deeply with your values. This analysis happens too quickly for your conscious mind to process, but the result bubbles up as a feeling – a hunch, an internal ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ a sense of ease or unease.

Science Says “Listen Up!”

 Research increasingly confirms that our intuitive abilities are rooted in biology. Brain scans demonstrate that intuitive decision-making involves different neural networks than those engaged in purely analytical thinking. Studies have also shown that people with higher “somatic awareness” (greater sensitivity to bodily sensations) often have better-developed intuition.

 It’s important to note that intuition shouldn’t replace critical thinking. But dismissing gut feelings as unreliable means missing out on a profound source of intelligence. This is especially detrimental for female founders constantly bombarded with the expectation to be solely logic-driven.

 On the other hand, intuition is NOT

 Purely emotional: While emotions can play a part, true intuition is often a deeper, more subtle sensation. Distinguishing between them is a key skill we’ll discuss later.


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Intuition’s Benefits for Female Founders

You’ve probably experienced times when listening to your intuition paid off – maybe it was sensing a potential client wasn’t a good fit, or instinctively taking a risk that led to unexpected gains. However for female founders, intuition’s benefits go far beyond individual decisions.  

Let’s explore how it transforms crucial areas of your work and life: 

Overcoming Decision Paralysis 

As a founder, you’re inundated with choices daily, from strategic planning to the tiniest operational details. Overthinking can easily lead to analysis paralysis, missed opportunities, and mounting frustration. Intuition cuts through the noise. That inner ‘yes’ gives you the confidence to move forward, while a lingering ‘no’ saves you time and energy from pursuing the wrong path. 

Improved Work-Life Balance

“Hustle” culture can be toxic, especially for female founders juggling multiple responsibilities.  Gut feelings serve as your internal compass. They help you recognize when you’re truly aligned with taking on more work, or when it’s time to say no to protect your well-being. Intuition allows you to delegate effectively, trusting your judgment of who’s capable and reliable, which reduces your mental load and preserves your time off.

Strengthened Self-Trust

Doubt is a nagging companion for many entrepreneurs, and imposter syndrome can be particularly insidious for women in business. Acting on your intuition, even when it defies conventional advice, builds trust in your own abilities. Each positive outcome reinforces your self-belief, allowing you to navigate future challenges with greater certainty.

Reduced Stress & Burnout

The weight of constant decision-making and the pressure to always “have the answer” is physically and mentally taxing.  Intuition offers a shortcut. When you’re attuned to your inner guidance, you experience less internal conflict about the “right” course of action.  This reduces stress, protects your energy, and lowers the risk of burnout –  a very real threat to female founders.

Intuition in Action: Examples

  • Hiring decisions: Sometimes the best candidate on paper doesn’t feel like a fit. Your intuition might pick up on subtle cues that signal a mismatch with your company culture or work style.
  • Business partnerships: A gut sense that something is off, even if the terms seem perfect, can prevent future headaches and resource drains.
  • Financial decisions: Intuition isn’t just about people – it can guide investment choices or alert you to potential red flags in accounting that data analysis alone might miss.
  • Setting boundaries: Knowing when to say no to a project, walk away from a negotiation, or push back on unreasonable demands is crucial for your mental health and the sustainability of your business. Intuition acts as an early warning system.

A Note on Fear vs. Intuition

Sometimes it’s tricky to distinguish between a genuine gut feeling and self-doubt disguised as intuition. Fear often feels tight and constricting in the body, while true intuition evokes a sense of calm knowing or subtle discomfort.  

Don’t worry, we’ll delve into honing this discernment later.


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    How to Develop Your Entrepreneurial Intuition

    Believe it or not, your intuition is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes. And while some people seem naturally tuned in to their gut feelings, there are simple, practical techniques that anyone can use to enhance their intuitive prowess.  

    Let’s dive into strategies specifically geared towards busy female founders:

    Mindfulness for Businesswomen

    Mindfulness isn’t just about relaxation (although that’s certainly a welcome side effect!). It’s about honing your awareness of the present moment, including subtle body sensations. It’s these sensations that often carry the messages of your intuition

    Here are some ways to incorporate mindfulness:

    • Short Meditations: Five to ten minutes a day is enough to start. Don’t worry about “clearing your mind.” Focus on your breath and how your body feels. Apps like Headspace or Calm can help.
    • Mindful Check-Ins: Pause throughout the day to scan your body. Notice tension, tightness, or any other sensations. Couple this with a quick question: “What does my gut say about this situation?”
    • Walking Meditation: Take a short walk focusing your attention on the feeling of your feet hitting the ground, the movement of your body. This can be surprisingly effective at calming the mind and allowing insights to surface.

    Journaling with a Twist

    Journaling isn’t just for venting emotions. Try this intuition-boosting approach:

    • Problem-Focused Journaling: Before a big decision, jot down the issue, your options, and any initial thoughts. Then, close the notebook. Later, write quickly, without judgment, focusing on how different choices make you feel in your body. Do you notice expansion or contraction, a sense of lightness or heaviness?
    • Tracking Your Hits & Misses: Keep a simple log. Note times when you acted on intuition and the outcome (good or bad). Do the same for times you ignored a gut feeling. Analyzing this over time reveals patterns and builds confidence in your intuition.

    Distinguishing Intuition from Anxiety

    It’s crucial to differentiate between an uneasy gut feeling signaling “no” and general anxiety (which often tries to talk you out of everything). 

    Here are clues:

    Location: Intuition often manifests as a sensation in the gut area or chest. Generalized anxiety might feel like a racing heart, tightness in the throat, or overall restlessness.

    Quality: Intuition is often quiet yet insistent. Anxiety tends to be loud, generating fearful scenarios.

    Solution-Oriented: Intuition may offer a vague sense of right/wrong or point you towards an alternative path. Anxiety leads to an endless loop of worry, not solutions.

    Start Small, Build Confidence

    Begin by trusting your intuition in low-stakes decisions – picking where to go for lunch, choosing what task to tackle next. Notice any hits or even subtle senses of “this feels right.” It builds a track record that primes you to utilize intuition for bigger choices.


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    When to Seek Further Support?

    Spoiler alert: it’s not enough to vent with friends or seek validation for a gut feeling from loved ones. While intuition is a powerful tool, it’s important to understand its limitations and recognize when you might benefit from additional support to ensure the health of yourself and your business.

    When Intuition Isn’t Enough: Mental Health

     Sometimes, an internal alarm system constantly ringing isn’t a sign of heightened intuition; it could indicate anxiety or another mental health struggle. If debilitating fear, relentless worry, or a pervasive sense of unease interfere with your ability to function and make clear decisions, seek professional help from a therapist.  

    Here’s when to prioritize mental health care:

    • Intrusive Anxious Thoughts: If your mind races with worst-case scenarios and “what ifs,” it’s hard for true intuition to come through. A therapist can teach you techniques to manage anxiety.
    • Chronic Indecision: Being stuck in analysis paralysis isn’t always a matter of needing finer-tuned intuition. It could stem from deeper issues like perfectionism or fear of failure that therapy can help address.
    • Impacts on Well-Being: If you’re plagued by insomnia, have difficulty concentrating, or constant physical manifestations of stress, your body is telling you something is wrong. Therapy empowers you to develop a healthier relationship with your intuition.


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    Intuition + Expertise = A Winning Combo

    While intuition can reveal red flags in areas like accounting or contract terms, it doesn’t replace specialized knowledge. Here’s when you  need to collaborate with the right professionals:

    • Legal Matters: A gut feeling that something’s wrong in a contract isn’t enough. Consult a lawyer to ensure your interests are protected.
    • Financial Decisions: Intuition can guide big-picture investment choices, but financial advisors are crucial for navigating the complexities of taxes, retirement planning, etc.
    • Technical Issues: If you have a hunch that your product needs a major redesign or a shift in marketing strategy, bring in experts to assess the feasibility and develop a data-backed plan.

     Mentorship & Coaching for Business Growth

    Intuition plays a huge role in strategic vision for female founders. However, the execution phase benefits from experienced guidance. Consider these options:

    • Business Mentors: Find someone who’s successfully navigated the industry and understands the unique challenges for women entrepreneurs. They can act as a sounding board for your intuition, helping you refine ideas and avoid common pitfalls.
    • Specialized Coaches: Coaches in areas like marketing, leadership, or sales strategy complement your intuition by bringing practical tools and frameworks to help you scale your business effectively.


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      In Conclusion

      While data, logic, and hard work are undoubtedly cornerstones of success, trusting your gut is the often overlooked element that sets exceptional female founders apart.  By developing your intuition through the techniques discussed, you unlock a powerful tool for navigating complex decisions, safeguarding your well-being, and ultimately building a business that reflects your values and fuels your passions.

      Remember, intuition thrives with practice. Start small, notice the successes, and allow yourself to be surprised by the clarity and confidence that unfolds. If you’re ready to take your journey further, consider applying these principles within a community of like-minded women.

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       Hoping this article finds you well, and as always we love to hear from you in the comments!

      Thanks for reading!


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      By developing your intuition through the techniques discussed, you unlock a powerful tool for navigating complex decisions, safeguarding your well-being, and ultimately building a business that reflects your values and fuels your passions.

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