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    3 ways to attract your ideal clients and community by being yourself

    Being vulnerable in showing up as ourselves is a scary thought for a lot of entrepreneurs, especially when it comes to displaying this to online communities. 

    A lot of us desire to be liked, and want to think our services are for everyone. When we go a little deeper into these phemonomnas we start to understand that people liking us or that our services are for everyone, or everyone is our ideal client, are myths. 

    The vulnerable truth is our services are better off for a select group of people or a niche, and we will be more successful when we figure out exactly what this niche is. 

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    Social Medias And Websites Audit

    1 Social Media Accounts And Websites Being Congruent With Branding

    To improve your personal and professional branding, start by auditing your social media profiles and websites. This might feel uncomfortable, if you have a teammate you can trust, or a mentor I recommend to ask them a second opinion too. Also, learn more about why your website matters here.

    Since we are inside our businesses completely and seeing them from the inside out, this helps to ask a trusted mentor or teammate to see all the angles.

    If you are seeking more clients, now is the time to remove any materials from your online presence that don’t match with your brand. I’ve talked to professionals in businesses over the years who take tweets, Instagram posts, and blog posts into account when deciding on which company to work with. Test this and see what shows up when you do a Google search of yourself. Take some time to double-check the security of your websites too, a non secure website can send visitors straight away, especially if you are charging money on your website.

    Next, review the content on all of your online platforms to make sure your personal brand is consistent. Perhaps it’s a high priority for you to convey a personable, professional image. Be sure your social platforms and website pages show that brand to visitors. They should highlight your recent skill set, achievements, and relevant projects you’ve worked on.

    Experiment With Your Content To See What Sticks

    2 Experiment And Try Topics Out To Find The Right Balance

    Of course, it’s for sure inadvisable to share your eventful Friday night out with the girls on your Twitter business account. Nope. 

    Exactly how much you want to share, is totally up to you to decide. Start gently with sharing, and experiment with what feels right to you. Your ideal clients will respond positively to your genuine, relatable approach. Be true to yourself.

    I always advise clients to post some topics they feel comfortable talking about and then leave the posts alone, meaning if no one comments, likes it, still leave it there. 

    Sometimes posts go viral, and sometimes there are few comments, with the ones where there are few comments people are still seeing the posts. 

    Have the focus be more on having a bank of content for people to get to know you, instead of focusing on the likes, shares, and/or comments as much.

    3 Making Valuable Connections

    When networking online or offline, you can use your own brand to establish valuable connections and partnerships. 

    Make sure to focus conversations online or in person on the other person so that they feel understood, and valued. If and when possible try to discuss some of your interests outside of your company, too. Having mutual interests and chatting on interest can make the conversation more engaging and help your new connections or potential clients remember you. 

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      Being vulnerable in showing up as ourselves is a scary thought…

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