7  areas of focus  to stay motivated in business

Before you quit your business please read this article, and send it to anyone who is thinking of throwing in the towel. We hope this is the article to light your fire again, and keep the passion flowing.

Have you been questioned where to focus your energy in your business?

7 Ways To Stay Motivated In Your Business

If you are anything like us we need ample motivation to continue to show up. Ample rest, self-love, and self-care too! We aimed to consolidate the exact tips to keep you motivated in your business, and this is a guide as to where to focus your precious energy.

 1) Your Why

This is exactly why you do what you do. Great questions to ask to connect with your why are to reflect on your mission, vision, and where you are going. This is the reason why you get up in the morning. Write this down, and reconnect with your why as often as needed.

2) Relive Previous Success

 Focus on the clients who have been happy with your work, or on successful customers who bought your products. Remember exactly how it happened and the ideal clients and customers you attract and successfully support.

 3) You Time

It’s easy and common to get lost in the distractions in everything needed to build your business. You have long workdays, work quite a few weekends, respond to messages all hours of the day and message all potential clients within your grasp. Before we know it, we start to hate our businesses because it’s overtaken our lives. You start to get bitter about what you once loved. To stay constantly motivated, you need breaks.

    You need to schedule in some “you” time.

    This includes vacations and hours when you turn off your phone and go into “business mode.” Learn to set boundaries with clients and have lots of time set aside for doing the things that re-establish your passions. Just like your phone, you too need to recharge your batteries so that you can come back stronger after the “you” time. This is also our blog article on self-care.

    4) Build In Connecting Time Into The Week

    Human beings crave connection with other human beings. You can try building a business on your own, but at some point, you’ll need to involve others. It may be bringing on employees, a virtual assistant or strategic partnerships. But also, it’s human contact and connection through groups and masterminds. Don’t build your business on an island.

    Consistent motivation comes when you’re sharing experiences with other motivated people. You learn from each other while getting the connection that’s built into your DNA. Set aside time to mastermind, connect and meet fellow entrepreneurs who can help your entrepreneurial journey.

    5) Consuming Positive Content

    Make sure to understand how the content we consume can affect our lives in a positive or a negative way. Aim to listen to motivating positive podcasts about real world experiences of entrepreneurs. Great blog to check out: the Empire Life Blog, some recommendations of podcast are: Empire Life Podcast, Marie Forleo Podcast.

    Recommended Books: Redefine, Everything Is Figureoutable, You Are A Badass, The Four Tendencies 

    6) Cut Through The Noise And Focus On The People Supporting You

    There is a lot of noise in the online space, in order to cut through the noise, we must focus on those supporting us. Perhaps the people reaching out to us do not meet all your requirements for desiring to collaborate…ask yourself the question, how can we support one another? Learn to value every human who supports you in a positive way online. Always re-focus on them when you have a hater, or someone who does not have your best interest at heart online.

    7) Sleep

    Sleep is underrated. To learn more about how sleep affects our lives this is a great book going more into detail: The Sleep Revolution

    Planning a great sleep and night routine is imperative for our mental functions and maintaining a stable emotional life.

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      “You need to schedule in some “you” time.

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