Ways To Learn Empathy

Empathy can be learned. Empathy can be utilized for deeper connections and having healthier relationships. Misplaced Empathy is having empathy for those who seek to manipulate you, in a victim mindset, dismiss your thoughts and feelings, and those disrespectful to you (and not limited to these). 

Empathy is one of the best skills to have in maintaining and fostering healthy relationships in life and in business. 

Tool Kit In Starting And Continuing To Develop Empathy

The research shows that empathy is somewhat innate and somewhat learned. Of course, we can all improve. Here are eight ways to start and continue to develop healthy levels of empathy:

  1. Challenging yourself with new ways of thinking, or learning new tasks. Undertake challenging experience opportunities to push you outside your comfort zone. Learn a new task, for example, such as instruments, new topics, or foreign languages. Develop a new professional competency in what you are doing in life. Doing things like this will humble you, and humility is a key to enabling higher levels of empathy.
  2. Get out and about, and see new sites. Traveling, especially to new places and cultures can give more perspective. It often gives a better appreciation for others. Change up your work environment if you can, if you work from home switch rooms, if you can work from outside the home change up the cafe you usually work out of.
  3. Ask for feedback. Ask for feedback about your interpersonal skills (such as listening, empathy, and understanding where they are coming from) from family, friends, and work colleagues. You can also check in with them periodically to see how you’re doing.


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  1. Dive into your heart, and aim to make time to get out of your head. Read books, and watch shows and movies that explore personal relationships and emotions. 
  2. Get curious about what it is like to walk in others’ shoes — about their worris and concerns and how they perceive their experiences.
  3. Start improving your question asking skills, start asking better questions. Bring four to five thoughtful, even could be provocative questions to every conversation you have with clients or friends. This will also improve your conversational skills.


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  1. Reigniting your sense of curiosity. What can you learn from someone? Curious people ask loads of questions, they are inquisitive, guiding them to develop a stronger understanding of the people around them.
  2. Start to look inward and examine your biases. We all have hidden (and sometimes not-so-hidden) biases that interfere with our ability to understand, listen, and empathize. These can often be centered around visible factors such as age, race, and gender. Don’t think you have any biases? Keep going inward — research states we all have them.

Hoping this article finds you well, and as always we love to hear from you in the comments!


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Empathy can be learned. Empathy can be utilized for deeper connections and having healthier relationships.

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