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We have all heard it and said it, the infamous, “I’m busy,” phrase, in response to a question, a meeting time, or an event. No matter how busy we feel we are, there is always time to meet our goals. There is always time to plan in a meeting. There is always time for us to do what we find time to do.


When we transition from a ‘busy’ mindset to a ‘bliss’ mindset we may feel the world is not supporting our ideas at first. We are often raised to believe we need to be always busy. To believe our personal worth is found in how many hours we worked, personally over-exerting ourselves for our goals, and how busy we are. Often parents also believe our personal worth as parents is valued in how busy we make our kids schedules. 

Ultimately efficiency, automations, and delegation to promote BLISS, trumps busy.



At a previous Empire Life event, I gave away one of my favorite all time books, ‘The Four Hour Work Week,’ by Tim Ferriss

Tim goes deeply in his book, ‘The Four Hour Work Week,’ on the best ways to delegate, to increase efficiency and save time over all. When we save time through delegating and being more efficient, we no longer need to work long hours doing many tasks.

From the Four Hour Work Week, “The question is then, how can one achieve the millionaire lifestyle of complete freedom without first having $1,000,000?”

When we free our time up with time blocking, delegating, automations, better boundaries and over all more efficiency we make the space to create a millionaire lifestyle before actually becoming a millionaire.

One of the first steps to understanding what can be delegated is to make a list of all actions we do in a day, beside each action write down if someone else can do this action for us and what this will look like. 

Tim goes into detail about how we need to set great boundaries around checking our email, and the tasks of a business. 

We need to ask ourselves everyday, “What can I make time for that excites me?” 

The true purpose is cultivating happiness. Being busy doesn’t cultivate happiness.

When we set out to plan our own conferences, events, businesses, tech companies it can be challenging to find high quality female founders to collaborate with and work together with. Actually we might question, where are they all hiding.

Business owners and founders creating space for female founders to speak and shine is a rare occurrence and we are on a mission to continue to create and hold this space at Empire Life.

Holding the space for female founders to captivate their audiences, find their soulmate clients, find new users of their software, and share their gifts. 

Allowing the space for female founders to talk about themselves. Statically females are less likely to communicate their skills in the professional arena, we want them to have the space to have the opportunity to speak up and rise together.


Arianna Huffington the author of, ‘Thrive,’ discusses in her books and Ted Talks how she reached massive burnout in her career and life. 

Arianna dives deeply into the topic in her book, ‘The Sleep Revolution’. She goes deep into her experience of sleep deprivation and over working, she passed out from sheer exhaustion and sleep deprivation in her office, hit her head on the desk as she passed out and woke up in a pool of blood.

After this experience she continues how she went to multiple medical doctors and medical specialists to ask why she passed out and why she was exhausted all the time. To have no clear answers with western medicine because with all the tests they found she was perfectly healthy.

She gathered through all of her research, she had adrenal fatigue and a massive sleep debt. With these they had built up to cause her to pass out and feel overly exhausted all the time.

Specifically in the USA we are conditioned by society to feel we need to work more hours and we need to teach our kids to over exert themselves too. There are few boundaries around where work and personal life separate. It is left to us, the individual to create these boundaries between personal life and work. 

As Arianna quotes, “We think mistakenly, that success is the result of the amount of the time we put in at work, instead of the quality of the time we put in.” 


“I find that I am much more creative when I’ve actually taken care of myself.” Arianna Huffington

Self-care is a non-negotiable action we must take for ourselves every day and at the very least every week. 

To have self-care there are a few things we also need to let go of. People pleasing is one of them. 

The following are items to keep in mind, and to help make time for our self-care:

  1. Others disorganization or lack of planning is not our cause for emergency. 
  2. People can often find their own answers without our advice in that very moment.
  3. Not everything is our responsibility, yet self-care is our responsibility.
  4. Another person’s ‘freak-out’ moments are their freak out moments, we cannot make them our own, taking on their emotions. There needs to be boundaries.
  5. If we are about to start our self-care and someone we care about needs us, we need to tell them kindly we will talk to them about this a little later.
  6. We cannot expect others to put us first, and make us a priority if we do not first make ourselves a priority.

The main idea of self-care is to learn to put ourselves first, make ourselves a priority, and fill our cups. Imagine aiming to pour water from an empty cup, it’s impossible, as it’s equally impossible to give to others when we haven’t filled our cups.


Efficiency, delegation, self-care, preventing burnout, and adapting a new abundance of time mindset will continue to guide us in finding and experiencing our bliss rather than our busy. We want to challenge you to take, ‘I was too busy,’ or ‘I’m busy,’ or ‘My life is hectic,’ or ‘I’m always so busy,’ or any variation of communicating to others that your busy-ness is out of your control. 

Freeing up our time through time blocking tasks, allows us to incorporate time to ask ourselves, ‘What do I need right now for these next 2-3 hours?’ That might be a nap, a phone call with a friend, or doing something that excites us. 

You can also find more information about Allison Ramsey, Facebook Digital Marketing Professor & Empire Life Founder at Instagram, LinkedIN, Website, and Twitter.


“The main idea of self-care is to learn to put ourselves first, make ourselves a priority, and fill our cups. Imagine aiming to pour water from an empty cup, it’s impossible, as it’s equally impossible to give to others when we haven’t filled our cups.”

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