Starting A Pinterest Business Profile

We are new to Pinterest and loving it!

It is quite addicting actually. I’m desiring and working with my team to have all of our content specifically for Pinterest. 

We have over 500 views as of today, after one week.

It is incredible. I am impressed by how many people are finding my content. It has re-energized my desire to get our content out there to inspire, in seeing people are truly seeing it and connecting with it.

I heard about Pinterest on the Enneagram MBA podcast, here. Started to get more into it a week ago, and made the business profile, check out one of the most popular pins here.


With heavily investing in ourselves there is also no need to invest in multiple online courses which are not geared for the woman scaling her business. 

There are mastermind and online courses primarily for the female founder who is just starting out. Where we guide them in finding and solidifying their ideal client, their client avatar, and hone in on their exact message, their true essence and bringing this to the world, in our Empire Life Blueprint Online Course, here.


Creating Pin Graphics

I and my team has been using Canva to create our pin graphics and videos. 

On Canva one can resize every graphic for Pinterest.


Have you had a chance to grab our best-selling book, with women stories of their rising to success, and Redefining their success.

If you want to be featured in the upcoming book RECLAIM, Series 2, are you a female founder, with an incredible story to share with millions to inspire them, apply here.


We tie the Pinterest pins back to our youtube, our blog, our podcast, our Instagram, our Twitter, and more.

I have been enjoying experimenting with creating “Idea Pins” too, these are bringing a lot of clicks and more traffic to our youtube and Instagram


Have you joined Quora yet? To speak your mind, ask questions, and display yourself as an expert there.


 Hoping this article finds you well, and as always we love to hear from you in the comments!


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To learn more about getting started with Empire Life in launching and scaling your online empire you can contact Allison, Founder of Empire Life, on Instagram and LinkedIn.


We are new to Pinterest and loving it!. 

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