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Let us start to talk about how to start making money today with convertkit. My favorite email marketing platform right now is convertkit. This is the link to sign up – here.

Why Email?

Email right now is the ultimate way to bring in more clients. There are many statistics from various sources, mostly from convertkit, to guide you in this article to show you how beneficial email marketing is. Of course, with a lot of strategy through automations and sales funnels connected to your email marketing platform is where the true gold is. Automations are the future and help business owners have items on evergreen, meaning they do not need to recreate content constantly, only edit the content if needed. 

Recent stats show that emails are better for converting:

  •  Email conversion is at a 40% higher rate than facebook and twitter. 
  • Marketing and advertising emails influence the buying decision of 50.7% of customers.
  • Email marketing is mostly used for lead generation (85%), sales (84%), lead nurturing (78%), and customer retention (74%).
  • The worst open and click-through rates are on weekends.
  • 11AM is the best time for sending emails, 12AM shows the highest CTR.
  • Traffic peak is in autumn and winter (especially on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and December 23).
  • 50% of marketers claim that there is no perfect time for sending email campaigns as every person and business is unique.
  • The best days for emails are Tuesday and Thursday.

 Setting Up Email Automations

If you didn’t use email marketing automation in 2021, do your business a favor and listen to these email marketing statistics in 2021. 

 Why? It will save you time, money, and, once again, convert more.

  • On average, 51% of companies are currently using automation. Start here.
  • 64% of B2B respondents say that they use email automation techniques.

 The biggest marketing automation benefits are:

– saving time (30%)
– lead generation (22%)
– higher revenue (17%)
– customer retention (11%)
– monitoring marketing campaigns (8%)
– shortening the sales cycle (2%)

 More Automation Stats:

  • 47% of marketers are sure that automation is worth the price. 
  • 68.5% of responders believe that automation improves the targeting of messages.
  • Triggered emails result in 8 times more opens and greater earnings than typical bulk emails.
  • The average unsubscribe and spam rates of triggered emails are 0.58% and 0.06% respectively.
  • The best tactics for automation are mapping the customer experience (53%) and use of personalized messages (51%).

Automation tools are used for sending all types of emails:

– welcome emails (47%)
– promotional sales emails (46%)
– transactional emails (28%)
– invitations and reminders (27%)
– blog updates (26%)
– upselling emails (23%)
– event-triggered emails based on customer lifecycle (15%), etc.

Average open rate of triggered email campaigns is 46%, CTR – 11%, and click-to-open rate – 24%.

Building In Segmentation – Here.

Nothing can improve your emailing stats quite like personalization. Always segment your lists and personalize your emails – always make your client feel special.

  • The top 3 reasons for using personalization in email marketing are improved open rate (82%), higher CTR (75%), and better customer satisfaction (58%).
  • Email list segmentation and personalization were the most effective email strategies in 2021.
  • Segmented email campaigns show 50% higher CTR than non targeted campaigns. 

The Subject Lines, And Email Sign-Offs

Writing a perfect email, subject line, and sign-off is what will define whether the recipient converts. Use these critical email statistics to find your perfect formula.

  • 47% of people open the emails based on the subject line and 69% of customers can report emails as spam based on the subject line only.
  • In one study, emails without subject lines were so intriguing they yielded an 8% higher open rate.
  • Welcome emails bring 320% more revenue per email than other promo emails.
  • Open rate by the number of words in the subject line:
    – 6-10 words (21%),
    – 0-5 words (16%)
    – 11-15 words (14%)
    – 16-20 words (12%)
  • Emails with “fw:” in the subject line are 17% less likely to be opened.
  • Emails containing personalization in the subject line are 22% more likely to be opened.
  • The email subject line most often contains:
    – the customer’s name (46.21%)
    – the product name/details (44.01%)
    – the company name (42.88%).
    At the same time, these three variables in the email subject line show the highest conversion rate (3.71%, 3.18%, and 3.58% respectively).
  • Emails with active discount codes have an 8 times higher chance to make a sale than those without any discounts.

The most popular sign-offs are: 

– Thanks (62%),
– name or initials (46%)
– Sincerely (44%)
– Love (28%)
– Regards (22%)

*respondents were allowed to choose multiple answers.

  • “Thanks” is the least annoying sign-off (only 3% dislike it), while 21% dislike “Peace”.
  • An average marketing email consists of 434.48 words and it takes 3.3 minutes to read.
  • Most (19% of subscribers) respond to the messages of 200-250 words, 17% to those under 50 words, 15% – to 150-200 words long email.
  • 52% of managers add signatures into their emails. – Make one on .
  • Emails with signatures with a photo receive 32% more replies than emails without it.
  • 17% of adults are using a formal style for email communication, 33% prefer informal style, 49% say it depends. 
  • 7 lines is the perfect size for an email signature (75% of senders include contact info, 60% add a phone number, less attach Twitter (7%), Facebook (3%), or LinkedIn (2%).
  • 40% of people asked would like the emails they receive to be more informative than promotional.

In closing, if you have any questions, make sure to ask them in the comments, or reach out to us in the contact page. We have guidance available for coaching you in your email marketing at Empire Life.



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Nothing can improve your emailing stats quite like personalization.”

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