Managing your to-do list as a business owner 

Some days I feel internal pressure to the point of it giving me sinus pressure. The internal pressure of my to-do lists, of my own expectations, and the list goes on. I started realizing this last week how great I’ve become at redirecting this internal pressure into passion and energy for my business. Also, in how I have learned to let go of the negative areas of the pressure this creates in my body.

Letting Go Of What We Cannot Control

1 Focusing on what we can control and letting go of what we cannot

I know this might be an old adage, yet it is still needed and often needed daily for business owners. There are many to-do lists for our businesses, kids, loved ones, and all in categories. It is unlikely all of these can be done in one day, therefore being able to release some of this pressure to realize it can be moved to the next day or to next week. I like to focus on the top 3 items I need to complete for the day, that must happen, and the other tasks might need to be broken into parts or moved to another day or delegated.

Having Time In Schedule For Self-Care

2 Give Yourself Time For Self-Care

Self-care can be different for each person. We need to figure out what self-care looks like for each of us. Some examples of self-care are: face masks, hair masks, cleaning, bubble bath, warm shower, eating healthy, making a rejuvenating smoothie, leaving a party early and more. Making these a priority is super important. We need to slow down to speed up, often.

3 Sleeping Well

Sleeping well has been shown to increase memory, immune system functions, and have immense benefits for our mental health. In the book by Ariana Huffington, ‘Sleep Revolution’ she goes into the many benefits of great sleep.


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    “Give Yourself Time For Self-Care.”

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