I cannot delegate


For along time I have thought I couldn’t delegate, this has been a limiting belief, surrounded by nauseating fear, resistance… It felt like this huge resistance came up for me every time I thought about bringing a team member into Empire Life.

Sometimes we feel this in parenting too. We think, I’ll just do this for my child, instead of teaching them over and over how too. Eventually they learn to do the task without us standing there, or correcting them.

I was reminded of this when hiring team members, it will not be perfect at first. Yet, it will relieve me of a lot of tasks that they enjoy doing. Than I can be more present with my clients, and gain more clients.

I have been processing what the resistance is…the worry…the letting go is?

This week we brought on a new person to take calls. We’re in the process of bringing on a Virtual Assistant. Both of these take a lot of SOPs, docs, and organizing.

Plus, understanding there will be mishaps along the way, we’ll all adjust, learn, and get better.

We already have graphic designers, software developers, copywriters, SEO experts, Facebook ads experts, email marketing experts on the team.

I’m letting go of the resistance, and flowing forward with delegating.

Delegating is where we scale.

How is building a team for you been?

I CAN delegate! And I’m really great at it!

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    “Delegating is where we scale.”

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