Hi Empire Life community, on 03/20/21, this Saturday, I’m speaking in the Empire Life Clubhouse Virtual Summit alongside female founders. This is a 5-hour summit, with multiple speakers throughout, to gain clarity in your business, marketing, sales, business, mindset, spiritual tools, and tips, from 3 pm CST – 8 pm CST on Saturday, March 20th. 

The event details are here.

Join us for the first-ever Empire Life Virtual Summit on Clubhouse!

Tune in on the Clubhouse app on March 20th and take part in engaging conversations to help you grow your business and brand.


Free to attend. Must be on Clubhouse App.

Follow Allison @allisonrmsy to join the event. 

Need an invite to Clubhouse? Introduce yourself to the Empire Life Female Founders Community in our Facebook group here and ask for an invite! Have extra invites on the app? Sharing is caring – please visit our Facebook group and connect with someone to extend an invite!

Wanna know what happens next? 

Come join us March 20th, on clubhouse!


You can also find more information about Allison Ramsey, Facebook Digital Marketing Professor & Empire Life Founder at Instagram, LinkedIN, Website, and Twitter. 

To learn more about getting started with Empire Life in launching and scaling your online empire you can contact Allison, Founder of Empire Life, on Instagram and LinkedIN.




“Come Join Us On March 20th, for the Female Founders Summit on Clubhouse.”

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