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Over a decade ago, I was sitting at my computer after spontaneously having my first client for a business I hadn’t even fully launched yet. My family was watching my daughter while I was at the cafe and had a full-time job. I was also at the end of achieving my Master of Science and had snagged a few hours away twice a week to hyper-focus on my side-hustle.

While sitting there, I felt bombarded with having so many options of which website platforms to go with for my company’s website. It was overwhelming! I eventually choose a platform and started plugging and playing, and felt I had little creative freedom. At the end, I still felt completely unhappy and constricted with my end product, my company’s website. I was embarrassed to tell people about, since it did not fully represent my true energy.

After this, I felt inspired about helping entrepreneurs to launch their online businesses and to maximize their online presence, in an efficient and a flowing way. Empire Life’s purpose is to guide conscious entrepreneurs to build their online empires. In this article, I will touch on my top two strategies to get you started in your empire life.

For my next company, I custom coded everything. It took another software developer and myself almost a year to launch. There must be an easier way, I felt!

When I created Empire Life, I embodied the intention to guide conscious entrepreneurs, game-changers, and influencers in fully translating and sharing their true energy online. For the first time, I felt completely invested, in mind, body, and soul; this is my true passion! For the Empire Life Academy, which I custom designed the modules and the material, I guide members into launching and into scaling their online empires.

Let’s start the journey to launch and to unlock your online empire. Here are some of the starting areas we go over in the Empire Life Academy, which have been proven to unlock your true potential and step into your power. 


We are going to deep dive together to unlock your true gifts, power, potential, purpose, and passion.

This is the first step in understanding what you need to be launching into the world. When you wake up every morning, we want you to be excited! The way to achieve this, even in challenging times, is to clearly and concisely be confident in the gifts you are offering to the world.

These are some questions to ask yourself to get started. We will touch the tip of the iceberg and we go much deeper in this area within the Empire Life Academy. Please take a moment to get your favorite journal and write out these answers:

a.) What topics do people frequently ask me advice on?

b.) What were my favorite childhood activities (name at least 3)?

c.) What did I most frequently get in trouble for in school between the ages of 5-12 years old?

Take a moment to look at your answers and analyze the common thread between all of these.


After we come to understand your true gifts, it will become easier to attract your soulmate clients. The first step to attracting your soulmate clients is identifying your ideal clients. Once you have enough information on who your ideal client is, find a few of these people in your network preferably ones you know. Reach out to them and ask for 15-20 minutes of their time to chat on the new company, program, or ideas you are launching to gather their feedback.

Before you connect with them, take your journal and write out the main ideas of how you will offer your gifts to clients. While you are speaking with your ideal clients to gather their feedback, ask them their opinion and what you may have overlooked.

Gathering feedback is a key step many entrepreneurs miss, and it will significantly catapult your success quicker! This step requires an openness to change, vulnerability, and putting oneself out there. We often find what we felt our ideal clients would desire needs to be “edited” after receiving their feedback. Ultimately, our mission, vision, purpose, and passion is in making a bigger impact. After implementing our ideal clients feedback, this allows our impact to grow exponentially.

Lastly, these are two great first steps to launch into your personal online empire. I have a vision of the world where everyone has the opportunity to share their gifts and their talents. By finding my gifts and my passions while creating Empire Life, I experienced immense fulfillment and my purpose is to guide people through the same processes. If you are interested in launching your online empire and sharing your gifts with the world, you can reach out to me on LinkedIN and Instagram and we can discuss in more detail how we can create value together. 



“By finding my gifts and my passions while creating Empire Life, I experienced immense fulfillment and my purpose is to guide people through the same processes.”

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