Want to have more solid and successful online business relationships, that lead to booked out weeks of calls, and booked out cal of clients?

One takeaway I had today was –

We get a lot of messages and send a lot from our team. Our intention is to see who we can collaborate with, get to know, bring into our community, offer our support, and who is our ideal clients.

We get some no’s, a lot of yes’s, and usually have a full cal of booked calls, with clients, and potential clients.

Something I wanted to share today, reminded me how important relationships are online…

If someone says no I don’t want to have a call with you when you’re offering your and your teams precious, highly valuable time…and in the next sentence asks to collaborate with you…

Well, nothing personal was taken from this, yet…this is similar to walking into Starbucks and saying, as they ask you what you want…you say, ‘Hey I don’t want to try or buy your coffee, but can you give me a job here, do you have some part-time things here, what can you do for me?”

​The answer will be a straight-up, NO!

And my answer to this, is no, every time, to this energy. I say yes to the energy of fully having the desire to learn both of our businesses, and truly see who we can refer to one another, and admitting we might need what the other is offering.

Remember with the focus of how we can support the other with what we have going on and valuing our time is of importance. Of course, we’re running a business here, and have healthy boundaries around giving of our time. As everyone needs to. In order to get someone to say, YES, remember to focus on the value of their time, the value of their work


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“Something I wanted to share today, reminded me how important relationships are online…”

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