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    These ladies are all professionals in their fields, excellent speakers, experts, mentors in the community, and supporting their clients and customers. 

    With female voices often being drowned out, it is part of my passion to create platforms for female voices to be heard, clearly, and vocally.  

    If you are searching for a female business/life/relationship mentor, guide, speaker, and professional this is the list for you! 

    Empire Life is a tech and digital marketing company, founded by Allison Ramsey, specializing in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Membership Sites, Sales Funnels, Email Marketing, SEO, and Google Analytics.

    The List of the Top Astounding Female Leaders

    1       Emma Boylan

    Founder of Outside The Box. Outside the Box is a Professional service company which mashes the disciplines of psychology and marketing filling a void within the customer buying behavior and sales sectors.

    2       Sydney Wong

    Angel Investor, founder of VenturX, and speaker.

    3       Baljit Rayat

    She Activates Innovators, Inventors, and Visionaries to Access their Highest Potential.

    4       Emma Tucker

    Product Manager of IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog.

    5       Azucena Perez

    Vice President of Mentor Program at Ceresa.

    6       Alexa Carlin

    CEO and Founder of Women Empower X

    7       Elena Cardone

    Keynote Speaker at the 10X Growth Conference, Bestselling author of the book “Building an Empire, How to have it all”.

    8       Amy Spurling

    CEO of Compt.

    9       Tara (Agacayak) Lutman

    Global Advisor to Startups. Partner and Cofounder at GoGlobal Advisory. Advocating Harmony 365 over Work-Life Balance.

    10     Malvina Sayegh

    Stay Human Founder and Podcast Host. Humanizing Sales and Sales Advocate.

    11     Lani Rosales

    COO at, Co-Founder at #BASHH, Founder of Austin Digital Jobs.

    12     Katie Bradley Chernis

    CEO of Lately, AI Powered  Social Media Writing Software.

    13    Miriam Popp

    Founder of Vibrant Lifestyle Coaching. Supports women in managing stress using a mind, body, and soul approach.

    14     Katie Henry

    She helps healthcare providers/wellness professionals go from burnout to thriving, start & grow a business & remain healthy.

    15     Brittany Green

    Clinical counselor and founder of GetItOut Coaching. Guiding couples and individuals in having healthier, happier relationships.

    16     Ashley Allen

    Founder of World I Want Marketing. Ashley builds engaged social media communities for cause based businesses, to grow businesses and their impact.

    17     Candi (Clem) Coe

    Director of Data Architecture at Aceable.

    18     Laura Wall

    Founder of Laura Wall Coaching, Empowerment Coach and Speaker.

    19     Mary Katherine (MK) Morales

    University Director, Founder of Women of Principle.

    20     Dr. Lisa L. (Schultz) McNary

    Dean of Alumni & Parent Relations At Incarnate Word University. 

    21     Valkyrie Lang

    Valkyrie is a holistic retirement planning, including insurance and financial services, with integrity and professionalism. RICP® CLTC®

    22     Carolyn T. Jenkins

    C-suite technology executive. 

    23     Katie Johnson

    Data Scientist at Saturn Cloud.

    24     Katie Milton Jordan

    Katie is a small business broker, coach, and entrepreneur and helps Texas business owners sell their companies for top dollar, to the perfect buyer, quickly and confidentially.

    25     Gillian A. Brady

    Helps people resolve conflicts. Gillian is a private, confidential Mediator.

    26     Lisa Cummings

    Founder, Trainer, Speaker in StrengthsFinder.

    27     Tiffany Ricks

    Founder and CEO of Hacware. Hacware, Inc combats business email compromised (BEC) attacks with our data science-driven insider threat and security awareness software.

    28     Tabatha Conarko

    Founder of Olio Oils and Vinegars.

    29     Alli Waddell

    Co-Founder IIIumma, Integration Specialist, Marketing & Relationship Director.

    30     Megan Corey

    Executive Wellness Coach, Published Author, Speaker.

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