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    25 Top female bloggers of 2020

    Lifestyle and Business Blogs are becoming the go-to for information and insight into many industries. Female founders and entrepreneurs are often relying on online sources to guide and support them.

    What Defines a Successful Blog?

    Often websites devote a section that features articles on topics relevant to their industry. This relevant information in their Blogs engages entrepreneurs and founders while providing valuable information to help them succeed. Beautiful design and user experience are also a huge part of having a successful blog.

    Blogs are a form of SEO and when executed successfully create a massive community impact. The Empire Life Blog is brimming with tips, articles, and guides relating to Empire Life Services, Business, Digital Marketing, and Online Empire Scaling Topics, this list is dedicated to the top blogs for female entrepreneurs and founders.

    The Top Benefits Of Having A Blog

    • Raises Online Rankings Within SEO
    • Potential To Create A Massive Supportive Community & Impact
    • Powerful Online Marketing Tool
    • Provides A Resource Within The Industry
    • Brings In Traffic To Potentially Convert To Sales

    Our recommendations below are based on the most influential female blogs that offer the best information and services relating to their industries.

    The List of the Top Blogs for Female Entrepreneurs & Founders

    1. Marie Forleo

    Platform: A revolutionary conglomerate of fun and relevant resources for new and existing small businesses to tap into. Founded by Marie Forleo.

    • Startups
    • Business
    • Industry News, Tools/Tips
    • Business Management
    • Personal Development

    2. Skills Crush

    Platform: Tech industry experts sharing tips/tools and strategies. The latest in tech. Founded by Adda Birnir

    • Tech Tips/Tools
    • Strategies

    3. Glowing Nest

    Platform: A source of natural motherhood industry news/trends around the world. Founded by Jennifer Taylor.

    • News/Trends In Natural Motherhood
    • Natural Products

    4. The American Genius

    Platform: A blog that emphasizes catapulting on finding solutions for businesses. COO is Lani Rosales.

    • Strategies and Tips/Tools
    • Business
    • Startups

    5. Rachel Hollis

    Platform: Tips in designing a beautiful life. Tools/tips to growing a healthy and thriving family. Founded by Rachel Hollis.

    • Tips/Tools and Strategies
    • Culture
    • Lifestyle

    6. Goldie Blocks

    Platform: High-powered strategy for girls to start building fun creative engineer inspired projects from a young age. Founded by Debbie Sterling.

    • Popular Strategies To Get Girls Building
    • Tips/Tools In All Aspects of Being A Girl’s Mom
    • STEM Centric

    7. Women Who Code

    Platform: A source of articles on developing superior technology strategies while being the best you can female leader in tech. Founded by Alaina Percival.

    • Tech Tools/Tips
    • Coding
    • Leadership/Growth

    8. Say Yes

    Platform: An influential mixture of lifestyle and family topics as it relates to various areas of life, motherly advice, and community. Founded by Liz Stanley.

    • News/Trends
    • Entertainment
    • Lifestyle

    9. Ellevest 

    Platform: A source of financial inspiration and ideas to tap into full financial potential while improving your life and finances. Founded by Sallie Krawcheck.

    • Finance
    • Investing
    • Business

    10. Camille Styles

    Platform: Topics relating to developing and maintaining an absolutely enjoyable and beautifully designed life. Founded by Camille Styles.

    • Trends in Lifestyle
    • Tools/Tips In Designing

    11. Lately

    Platform: Various topics on maintaining great content and writing in your business as well as advice on attaining this through AI-driven technology. Founded by Kate Bradley Chernis

    • AI-Driven Tech 
    • Tools/Tips on Content Creation

    12. Hatch Tribe

    Platform: Relevant resources with advice, tools, and tips for female entrepreneurs in the areas of running a successful business. Founded by Hilary Johnson.

    • Cash-flow
    • Personal Development
    • Strategies
    • Startups

    13. Women Who Startup

    Platform: A source of articles relating to developing a strong company.

    • Startups
    • Tools/Tips

    14. We Learn Code

    Platform: Articles covering all areas of learning to code. Founded by Ali Spittel.

    • Tech
    • Coding

    15. Gretchen Rubin

    Platform: A popular author and public speaker that helps everyone develop the strong skills needed to be successful. Founded by Gretchen Rubin.

    • Tools/Tips
    • Personal Development
    • Leadership

    16. The Hacker Chick

    Platform: A source for female techies to reach their full potential while developing code that is powerful and valuable. Founded by Anna Morris.

    • Tips/Tools On Tech

    17. Barb Giamanco

    Platform: A well-known successful sales woman who shares her secrets to success through articles that relate to business and sales. Founded by Barbara Giamanco.

    • Tips/Tools In Developing Successful Business
    • Leadership
    • Sales Strategies

    18. Gabby Bernstein

    Platform: Influential top business experts share advice via podcasts, videos, and articles. Founded by Gabby Bernstein.

    • Marketing
    • Sales Strategies
    • Personal Development

    19. Cup Of Jo

    Platform: A blog with tools/tips for mothers and women. Founded by Maureen.

    • Covers every aspect of lifestyle, motherhood
    • Focus is on enjoying life in its many forms of irony

    20. Danielle LaPorte

    Platform: Every aspect of business is covered and is tailored for heart-centered entrepreneurs of all ages, gender, and experience level. Founded by Danielle LaPorte.

    • Wide range of topics with tools/tips on business development and management.
    • Personal Development
    • Business

    21. The Mom Edit

    Platform: A wealth of information with an emphasis on content for busy moms, style, and relevant female topics. Founded by Shana Draugelis.

    • Lifestyle
    • Content Marketing
    • Personal Development

    22. Kate Northrup

    Platform: A popular source of aggregated stories and topics relating not only to the business industry but other interests in finance and lifestyle. Founded by Kate Northrup.

    • Lifestyle
    • Stress Management
    • Finance
    • Business

    23. TENEO Results

    Platform: A blend of information relating to business and productivity to bring in increased sales. Founded by Lisa Leitch.

    • Business
    • Strategies

    24. Engaged Selling

    Platform: A perfect blog to brush up on your selling knowledge and strategies. Founded by Colleen Francis.

    • Sales
    • Business 

    25. Corporette

    Platform: A blog of career driven women to exchange ideas, tips, and advice.

    • Trends
    • Business

    Take Advantage Of Business Blogs

    All businesses can greatly benefit from the enormous wealth of information these business blogs provide. It’s all at your fingertips here!


    You can also find more information about Allison Ramsey, Facebook Digital Marketing Professor & Empire Life Founder at Instagram, LinkedIN, Website, and Twitter

    To learn more about getting started with Empire Life in launching and scaling your online empire you can contact Allison, Founder of Empire Life, on Instagram and LinkedIN.



    “Female founders and entrepreneurs are often relying on online sources to guide and support them.”

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