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 The Empire Life Podcast is a podcast where we interview game-changers, empire builders, and multi-passionate entrepreneurs from all around the world. 

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Josie Naikoi – Better Relationships

Our special guest on the Empire Life Podcast today is Josie Naikoi.

The Founder of Josie Naikoi, specializing in Online Business Strategy, Business & Dating Coaching for Women. She guides the global online community in her facebook group & her clients in creating a beautiful healthy life & attracting the best romantic relationship for them. She is also the host of an amazing podcast, the ‘You Can Do Better Bitch’ Podcast.

This is by far the juiciest relationship oriented Podcast Episode I’ve released, it was super fun! We deep dive into many dating, relationship, and toxic relationship topics & you’re in for a treat! We chat on self-love, triggers, action steps for a healthier romantic relationship, business, getting out of toxic relationships, & how to have better communication with loved ones.

Tune into hear her life story & tips for you on the Empire Life Podcast Thursday. On iTunes & Spotify!

On the Empire Life Podcast we interview empire builders on how they launched their successful online empire from all around the world. Dm me to be featured.

Episode 37    |    43min

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