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 The Empire Life Podcast is a podcast where we interview game-changers, empire builders, and multi-passionate entrepreneurs from all around the world. 

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Heather Wickman – Overcoming Roadblocks And Unleashing Success

As an entrepreneur, you’re no stranger to facing roadblocks on the path to success. Whether it’s a lack of resources, a difficult market, or simply stubborn resistance to change, it can be easy to feel stuck and unsure of what to do next. But the good news is, you are not alone.

In this episode of the Empire Life Podcast, special guest Heather Wickman, a successful entrepreneur and executive coach with a PhD in leading transformation change. Heather specializes in helping individuals overcome roadblocks and create lasting change in their careers and personal lives. Tune in to hear Heather’s insights on how to tackle stubborn resistance and achieve inspired clarity, as well as her thoughts on the importance of finding a coach who is a good fit for you.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is looking to make meaningful change in their life, but feels held back by limiting beliefs and patterns. Heather’s approach is evidence-based.

Join us for an engaging conversation with Heather Wickman, and discover the tools and techniques you need to chart a new path forward and achieve the success you desire.

Links to Connect Heather Wickman:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heatherwickmanphd/

Company LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/beuntethered/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/untetheredco

The host of the Empire Life Podcast, Allison Ramsey is the best-selling author of the Redefine book (www.empirelifeacademy.com/book) and the Founder of Empire Life, Coaching and Mentoring Company. At Empire Life, Female Founders are Guided in Scaling Their Online Empires. Allison is also a Software Developer, Data Scientist, and College Professor. She also hosts the Empire Life Podcast, which broadcasts interviews with mega-successful empire builders worldwide, and publishes expert articles in the Empire Life Blog.

With private clients, Empire Life guides clients in business strategy, structure, community building, and authentic sales in scaling the technical infrastructure for membership sites, and systems, raising prices, and confidence, automation, sales funnels, and scaling momentum with Facebook and Google Ads. The Empire Life Blog has tons of exposure and engagement every day as well. Allison is also an international speaker on women in tech, entrepreneurship, business, leadership, and business partnerships. She enjoys spending time with her loved ones in her free time.

All of the female coaches and female-led businesses who implemented Empire Life’s business strategies saw an increase in client leads, monthly income (often a 20X increase from when they started with Empire Life’s support), and client retention after having Empire Life Mentorship, apply here: https://empirelife.typeform.com/to/KkGBfS.

Episode 83    |    48min

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