Which Activities To Do In Your Business On The Meh Days

Some days in our businesses are just bleh

We might personally feel little energy and focus, I refer to these as ‘meh’ days. 

On these meh days we might not know what items to focus on. 

We might have limited amounts of focus, attention, and energy to contribute to our work load. Some days we do not know what we need to do to move the needle forward. 

I have had clients ask me, “Should I even be in business if I’m confused on what to do everyday to excel in my business?”

My answer is usually, “You deserve to be in business. Having ‘meh’ days is normal and everyone has them. It’s okay. Some days are going to be meh. Yet what we choose to focus on in the meh days is what we will have compounding or it will be a lasting detracting effect on our lives and businesses. Sometimes naps or a walk in nature are the answer, yet we must also do something every day for our business to move the needle forward.”

This article will go into detail of some areas we can focus on when we are having a ‘meh’ day and feeling less motivated to conquer the day. These are activities I do every week which bring the needle forward, give me joy, and enhance my business success.

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What To Focus On, On Meh Days 

Focus On More Mindless Tasks

On days when you feel at your top energy focus on tasks that take a lot of brain power. 

Focus on tasks in which have to be lasered in on, and will need you to bring your A game when you feel energized. 

The truth is you will not experience being on your A game most of the year, and in general most days. I recently read a study about the martian rover which was controlled by super experienced well trained scientists. The rover was on course about 10% of the time in its mission. This is a robot powered by some of the most intelligent scientists in the world and is not human. 

Roughly ten days out of the whole mission is when the rover was on track.

If we take this into consideration for humans we might have even less than ten days a year where we are on our A game or on track. 

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What Tasks Move The Needle Forward On Meh Days

These are some items to check off your list on meh days, not limited to these. If you find more tasks to do on meh days, let us know in the comments:

1. ) Edit, approve, and answer blog comments.

Do you have a blog? If yes, editing comments (such as taking out any links people might put in their comments), and then approving them, and answering them, can be a super low focus needed task, and bring joy. This task can bring joy to reading others’ comments on your blog. Also to see your blog community growing and engaged is extremely gratifying.

2. ) Answer DM’s (direct messages), likes, and comments.

Take time to filter through your DM’s on all social media channels, such as on Twitter, LinkedIN, Instagram, Facebook Groups.

3. ) Make graphics on Canva. 

Canva is a website where one can make beautiful graphics for their social media platforms and any events, etc. A lot of times this is enjoyable for business owners and helps get your creativity revived.

4. ) Allow time to dream, and even space out.

Give grace on these days, and allow for time to visualize, zone out, and let ideas flow to you. Take extra breaks and walks if you can in nature.

5. ) Record your voice reading one of your blogs or doing a solo podcast.

Sometimes you do not need to record the video part too, getting content out there is always a win! If you feel up to it, turn on the video camera too.

6. ) Turn all your Instagram posts into stories.

Maybe you have some followers who have yet to see your amazing content. They are more likely often to see a post in the stories than in their feed. By hitting the airplane button on a post you can turn a post into a story to share with all of your followers.

7. ) Make Spreadsheets (examples of software to do so – in excel or google sheets) for your team and yourself.

Some examples of spreadsheets are –> Make spreadsheets of all your expenses each month for tax and personal record purposes. Make spreadsheets of potential new clients in categories when you see amazing people online. Make spreadsheets of tasks that need to be completed for each team and individual in that team

8. ) Start making SOPs.

This always needs to be started before you hire the person the SOP is for. Start the standard of procedures documents in Google docs or in another file system for your future team.

9. ) Start getting more organized. 

Some examples of these are: Moving files to an external harddrive to make more space on your computer. Organize podcast files into folders. Organize folders for team members to access easier and understand easier. 

We hope these were helpful, make sure to comment on what you do in meh days and how you keep striving on these days! 


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Roughly ten days out of the whole mission is when the rover was on track.

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