Go From Blog to Book in 2022 (STEP BY STEP)

If you are a blogger you are in an excellent position to write a book.

In the beginning, it may seem like a huge jump from blog to book.

Ultimately, writing your own book is a major project which demands resources.

Why change your focus from blog to book? Is it not better to just continue doing what’s been working for you?

In actuality, bloggers who write and release books reap lots of benefits, without the massive workload they usually expect!

I have written many professional blog articles about becoming a best-selling author and the self-publishing process here, here, and here.

It’s very straightforward to write a book directly from, or derived from, an already written blog. These kinds of books have a lot of advantages – their main ideas have been proven to appeal to readers, fans already exist for them, and the blog author is already experienced in their topic. 

Even if writing a book is a lot simpler for a blogger than a new author, why should you write one?

Books can create huge advances in website traffic, authority, and even more income for bloggers. All from the work that your blog has mainly carried out already. If you have a blog but no book, your content is not giving you as many benefits as it could. 

So precisely how do I make my blog a book? Read on to discover the following process:

Determine Your Approach

How To Choose Your Topic

Creating Your Book


Book Marketing

Determine Your Purpose with Your Blog to Book Project

The extent of your project should be clear from the get-go. A book doesn’t have to be a lengthy deal going on for thousands of pages. To prevent being called a ‘short read’, books need to go well over 10,000 words, with 15,000 or over ideal.

If you’re used to writing amazing blog articles, you’ll find that this is just a few long blogs’ worths of content! You should be explicit about your reasoning for making your book into a blog before starting out. The intention of the book will show up in the way the book is written. Having a straightforward idea of the planned benefits also helps you to defend taking time away from your blog to create a book.

Here are some of the best reasons for moving from blog to book include:

Increasing Your Authority

If you think being a blogger is as authoritative as being an author is, think again!

Having a fully published book to your name while also being a successful blogger automatically sets you apart from all other people who only rely on their blog.

It’s even better to shoot for becoming a bestseller, and this goal is usually within reach. This may include targeting an extremely niche bestseller category, but regardless you will become a bestselling author

Boosting Your Income

While revenue from your book will not be your entire income it will still provide an opportunity for a passive stable one.

This is particularly true for bloggers. As long as there is a link to your book from your blog, there will always be potential customers driven to your work. Any rise in success for your blog is very likely to have a great impact on your book revenue.

Direct income from books can either come from sales or borrows. Even if you do choose to make your book able to be purchased by subscription customers, through a program like Kindle Unlimited, you still receive revenue when someone pays for your work.

Generating Buyer Traffic

By linking to your blogs and content directly from your book, you can display your existing content to people who otherwise never would have seen it.

Building Your Email List

Books also demonstrate an opportunity to build your mailing list. Incentivize your readers to sign up by offering them something of value in return. This could be something as manageable as a promise of information regarding your future books, or something as intricate as a companion video course to the book.

Deciding the role your book will play in the grand scheme of your business is a necessary and motivational step in the process.

How To Choose Your Topic

Once you’ve calculated just how a book will uplift your business, it’s time to get precise about the exact type of book to create.

Authors with blogs have a huge edge here. You can use your blog to see which topics have made the most impact on your audience. After that, you can check out how the ideas from your blog are performing on amazon. There are more than a few ways to do this.

What’s Working On Your Blog

If one of your blog topics is working well there’s a higher chance it will work well as a book. If you have an extensive blog with tons of content, it can be challenging to choose precisely what your book should be about. The following metrics can help you make your decision:

Social Shares

Shares are a great sign of the type of content that your audience likes the most. If someone shares an article, they aren’t simply just scrolling through it, they are actively endorsing it as being worth it for their friends to read.

Depending on the different services and plugins your blog uses, you may easily be able to find out what pieces of content got the most shares. If not, try to use a service like Shared Count.

Shared Count lets you easily check out the share metrics for content. It can also be used to check out the shares for blog content other than your own.

Traffic Analytics

By checking out the general analytics for your blog, you can see how popular different pieces of content are, and also make sure that their popularity is contemporary rather than historical. This is also a good way to see how high the traffic numbers are on a certain blog topic, and to notice which has been the best resource for your readers over time.


Comments on your blog content are yet another amazing indicator of how to pick the main idea of your book. These are great because the comments will show what your audience really likes and cares about, and may even give you questions that you can answer and expand upon in your book.


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Amazon best seller

Also, anyone who has chosen to spend money on your book is more willing to spend money within your niche. If your blog is monetized through your courses or products, then any traffic through your content is more likely to lead to your book doing better financially.


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What’s Selling On Amazon

The above steps offer quantifiable perception into exactly what is doing well on your blog and the specific kind of content that could most likely become a book.

It’s important to also check out Amazon too. What does well on your blog might not transfer the same into book sales. It’s very important to get an idea of the commercial performance of topics relative to your blog on Amazon.


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You can do that by considering the following:


To figure out how well a book is doing on amazon, you need to find its ABSR (Amazon Best Sellers Rank). Click on a book and scroll down its sales page until you reach the following –

Amazon Best Sellers Rank

The ABSR number is the number following the #, so #6,664 in the above example.

The lower the ABSR, the better the current performance of the book. For example, a book with an ABSR of #3,000 is performing far better than one with an ABSR of #30,000.


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 Hoping this article finds you well, and as always we love to hear from you in the comments!


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If you are a blogger you are in an excellent position to write a book. 

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