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    Web Design & Development 

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    Case study

    Copper Bridge Counseling – Clean, Professional Branding for Counseling Business. 

    With a Focus On Branding, Digital Marketing, Sales, Website Design & Development Case Study


    Empire Life Team


    Web Design & Development

    Creative Process

    Back in 2017, Copperbridge was dealing with problems that have become widespread in the coaching industry

     The Diagnosis 

    Their website was underperforming, & they desired more robust designed & developed website for a better user experience.

    One huge area they weren’t able to take advantage of any online lead generation opportunities & sales.


    Creating a Unified Brand Architecture for a Full Service Counseling

    Often, it’s the most prosperous businesses that lack strong brand strategy. When a company grows quickly, acquiring other brands and adding services, there isn’t always time to devote to brand architecture resulting in a disjointed house of brands that do not harness or build brand equity. 

    As a result, many thriving businesses find that they need to implement brand architecture on an existing portfolio of brands.

    This was the challenge for Copperbridge Counseling. Copperbridge requires a polished, clean, profession design. The company has many different services. They were wanting their main service to be personalized counseling.

    Copperbridge came to Empire Life with three inbound marketing goals.

    1) To engage new social networks without detracting from the value of their established Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook communities,

    2) To provide followers in all social networks with positivity, and bring them to make an appointment with Tamara,

    3) To give clients on online platform to contact Laura for her services, and have more online clients.

    Foundation Assessment

    After a foundational assessment, Empire Life found that Copperbridge had a lot of the same digital marketing problems that many other coaching businesses do:

    • No Lead Generation Strategy
    • No eCommerce Store or Online Programs
    • No Tracking or Reporting Capabilities
    • No Sales Funnel
    • Unclear Offering
    • No Intuitive User experience

    Optimized design

    A responsive framework was developed to help the site work on any device and operating system. This made the website available to a wider user base and future-proofed for new devices.


    Minimal Design

    Responsive Design

    Creative Ideas

    User Experience Research

    Empire Life created a survey for Copperbridge to have their potential clients take to fully understand the pain points in the market. 

    Brand Redesign

    We redesigned the Copperbridge brand from the ground up. Redesigning their brand to completely resonate & portray their polished, professional, smooth branding.

    From 2017 to 2019, Copperbridge Experienced – 

    Leads increased by 357% YOY in Year 1! Building & creating a meaningful impact online with their social media growing to almost 10k followers on Instagram!

    The Results


    While all of these strategies substantially increased the website’s traffic, Empire Life also deployed the following tactics to improve the website’s conversion rates: 

    • Gated Content – Creating new downloadable offers such as free templates, eBooks, and guides — gated behind forms.
    • Pop Ups – These pop up offers were deployed across the site to help convert traffic that would have otherwise left the site.
    • Resource Center – Empire Life created a state-of-the-art resource center hosting all of their amazing blog articles, to organize all of Copperbridge expert downloadable content assets, and blog articles. This helps users quickly filter and find content assets they’re looking for.

    The Outcome

    From 2017 to 2019 saw Copperbridge *drumroll please*:

    Building & creating a meaningful impact online with their social media growing to almost 10k followers on Instagram!

    • Conversion Rate – 80%
    • Return website users – 2020%
    • Social Following increase – 2230%

    Creative Process 


    Copperbridge  signed on to a full service tech & digital marketing retainer with Empire Life for a one year contract to extend their reach and increase their traffic and leads via website SEO, email marketing guidance, paid Facebook ads guidance + management, business + sales consulting, & advertising strategies.

    The Solutions

    Reach new and existing social media followers to convert them into clients and lead them to the new website:

    Leverage Instagram:

    • Instagram’s focus on visual storytelling was a perfect fit for the Copperbridge on their social media.
    • Setting up and guiding copperbridge on their release of their podcast. 
    • Creating and guiding Copperbridge on a personalized Social Media Marketing Plan.

    Tracking and Reporting tools

    • Starting months in advance, Empire Life installed reporting and analysis tools on the Copperbridge’s site and social channels. These included Google Analytics and SEO and more.
    • Applying this rigorous analysis regimen to Copperbridge was key to the overall social media strategy. 
    • The ultimate goal of all the social efforts are to drive coaching package sales, engaging in social media was only half of the story–we also needed visibility into how well it was working.


    Public Relations


    • The publicity portion of Copperbridge outreach included media partnerships to make stellar videos for promotion of services.
    • Empire Life guided Copperbridge on photos, graphics and other media or information publications needed to complete their pieces, and inspired the creation of their podcast.




    The Launching a New Website & Digital Marketing Plan

     After meetings, calls and an in-depth discovery period, the Empire Life team came up with a plan that consisted of:

    New Content Management System (CMS)

    Copperbridge’s new website was custom built on the WordPress platform.

    • When Utilizing WordPress – This allows their team to easily update content and create new pages when necessary.
    • WooCommerce: For the eCommerce pages, WooCommerce was used to give Copperbridge maximum flexibility and scalability. The WooCommerce shop integrates the technology needed to create a sophisticated product experience, like customizable product filtering for up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

    Conversion Strategy

    Empire Life planned out a conversion sales funnel with user-friendly navigation to encourage more users to convert to leads & potential clients.

    Tracking & Reporting Capabilities

    Empire Life believes that if something can’t be measured, it can’t be improved. Therefore, the Copperbridge website was set up to easily report on traffic, site speed and other statistics with Google Analytics.

    After months of planning, design, content strategy & development, Copperbridge website was officially ready to launch.

    The improvements were instantaneously noticeable.

    Continued Digital Marketing Plan

    Starting a Digital Marketing Retainer Strategy

    After their website build out, Copperbridge opted to have Empire Life custom design each client’s unique situation to maximize the potential for lead generation and sales.

    Within the digital marketing plan, Empire Life deployed a barrage of tactics aimed at increasing website traffic such as:

    • Email Marketing – This included announcing promotions, new products, and upcoming events. A consistent email strategy keeps potential clients top of mind.
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Success here related to on creating 20+ net new pages on the site, all aimed to target specific keywords and topics.

      • Paid Advertising – A combination of search advertising on Google combined with a marketing strategy across multiple advertising platforms. We specifically guided them in targeting their niche market with a Facebook.
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