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AmberLeaf – Polished, Professional, Stylish Branding for Fashion Company

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Web Design & Development

Creative Process

In 2018, AL was dealing with problems that have become widespread in the fashion industry

The Diagnosis 

Their website was underperforming, they also didn’t enjoy or desire to dive into designing & developing a more robust website for a better user experience.

One huge area they weren’t able to take advantage of any online lead generation opportunities & sales.


As a nationally recognized fashion company, AL had primarily focused their word-of-mouth efforts with friends and family and fashion shows for lead generation — a strategy that fashion companies have long relied on.

But word-of-mouth is not always enough in the age of digital and with the online opportunities to scale. Consumer behavior has changed, and businesses in every industry are turning to online marketing tactics to attract and convert leads.

At first glance, it was clear that AL’s website was far too limited for everything they offered. Their second-to-none customer support and elite online store of offering sustainable fashion pieces — weren’t translating through their website, as an easy to navigate fashion empire they were aiming for. Which was stifling their potential for online lead generation & sales.

Foundation Assessment

After a foundational assessment, Empire Life found that AL had a lot of the same digital marketing problems that many other fashion companies have:

  • No Lead Generation Strategy
  • Low performing or No eCommerce Store
  • No Tracking or Reporting Capabilities
  • No Sales Funnel
  • Unclear Offering
  • No Intuitive User Experience

Optimized design

A responsive framework was developed to help the site work on any device and operating system. This made the website available to a wider user base and future-proofed for new devices.


Minimal Design

Responsive Design

Creative Ideas

User Experience Research

AL continuously asked customers how to improve their user experience. Empire Life also utilized their experience to guide AL in improving user experience.

Brand Redesign

We suggested re-designs for the AL brand from the ground up. Suggesting re-designing their brand to completely resonate & portray their sophisticated, polished, clean + crisp branding.

The Results

 With all of these strategies we were sure the website’s traffic would be substantially increased, Empire Life also desired to deploy the following tactics to improve the website’s conversion rates: 

  • Gated Content – Creating new downloadable offers such as free templates, eBooks, and guides — gated behind forms.
  • Pop Ups – These pop up offers were deployed across the site to help convert traffic that would have otherwise left the site.
  • Resource Center – Empire Life created a state-of-the-art resource center hosting all of their amazing blog articles, to organize all of AL expert downloadable content assets, and blog articles. This helps users quickly filter and find content assets they’re looking for.

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