Will and Allison

are getting married

Our Story

We met online and the rest was history. Will commented on one of my meme pictures on my dating profile. The meme was about me wanting to marry someone who shares their fries. He said he always orders two orders of fries when sitting down at a restaurant, and no need to share I will have my own order too.

From there we talked on the phone and then a few video chats. We talk about how we already felt we knew even in those conversations before the first date how it was going to be something deep and long-term committed relationship. We both has a great feeling about the possibility of having a healthy great relationship. We started our relationship in May 2021.

There was love in the air from the first phone call and more we got to know each other the more we grew in our love. He asked me to marry him in May 2022 with a custom made monopoly card and planned it out. It was magical. I severely injured my ankle and broke my leg in September 2022, and we needed to delay our wedding planning. We were also building our lives together and moved in as a family at the end of May 2021. We gained some more time to save money to pay for our intimate wedding ceremony, big family marriage celebration parties for our large families, for engagement pictures, and all the wedding things. We have both been married before and we wanted to do things great this time.

Will Garvey

Will Garvey

Allison Ramsey

Allison Ramsey


We are having a small intimate ceremony with close family and friends, and two huge wedding celebration parties for all family and friends, and kids. This is an all-white wedding, the groom, and the bride will be in black, and everyone is invited to wear white, semi-formal. We will be having an intimate ceremony, followed by dinner, cocktail hour, and dancing. On Sunday, 9/10/23, please also plan to join us for brunch, as our treat, from 12 pm – 3 pm CST at the Austin Proper Hotel, in the Peacock Restaurant. The wedding ceremony is 09.09.23, the Ramsey Family Wedding celebration is 09.30.23, and the Garvey Family Wedding Celebration is 10.14.23


Our engagement photos by Wisteria Jade Photography, and hosted by the Austin Proper Hotel.


We have registries at IKEA and at Create&Barrel

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